take high school(,) seriously

fresh(m)en up rotten boys!
if you wanna go far, you better listen close
advice like tools, not vices and toys
contained within these lines of verse

four years of I-stew
an experience pretty poultry
if only my birdbrain had known to
take things seriously

consider the following
don't take it seriously:
"consider the following:
don't take it seriously

if you're confused, be afraid to ask
yourself and worry of seeming unhinged
your confusion is an unchanging fact
to try to learn would be total cringe

trust that feeling, it exists for a reason
which I do not know, for it would be too late
if we tore down the fence of Chesterson
before us dangers would await

I'm being completely serious
even if you think I'm not
but just between the two of us
this sounded better in my thoughts"